I’ve had the opportunity to write and produce a number of multimedia projects during my career. Below, you’ll find some of my favorites.

What it’s like to be a Black autism researcher (Spectrum, October 2020): Autism research is an overwhelmingly white field — one in which Black researchers say they experience both overt and covert racism. Spectrum podcast host Chelsey B. Coombs spoke with four Black women who are autism researchers — Mary Agyapong, Desi Jones, Cliona Kelly and Termara Parker — about their experiences leading up to and during summer 2020, and what they hope will happen next.
My role: Writer/Producer/Host

How the cerebellum is linked to autism (Spectrum, August 2020): In this video, professors Sam Wang and Peter Tsai explain the role of the ‘little brain’ in cognition, social skills, emotion control and repetitive behaviors. This video won a 2021 Silver Telly Award.
My role: Writer/Producer/Narrator

Life in lockdown with autism (Spectrum, June 2020): Podcast host Chelsey B. Coombs talks to clinicians and people with autism about their experience of the pandemic, how their routines have changed and some of the unexpected benefits. 
My role: Writer/Producer/Host

Flooding from climate change is keeping tourists away (The Weather Channel’s Pattrn, May 2019): Researchers are using parking data to understand how flooding affects visitors.
My role: Writer/Producer

Is climate change causing kidney disease? (The Weather Channel’s Pattrn, April 2019): Chronic kidney disease is usually caused by diabetes and high blood pressure. But researchers are finding outbreaks of kidney disease in hot regions of the world where people are working outside.
My role: Writer/Producer

Puerto Rico blackout leaves the poor powerless (The Weather Channel’s Pattrn, February 2019): Category 4 Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September 2017, causing the largest electricity blackout in U.S. history. Low income, sick and elderly people bore the brunt of it.
My role: Writer/Producer

What a border wall would do to wildlife (The Weather Channel’s Pattrn, February 2019): One of President Trump’s main policy priorities has been to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. But scientists say a border wall would have a huge impact on wildlife and their habitats.
My role: Writer/Producer

Oklahoma Teachers Are Fed Up And Walking Out On April 2. Here’s Why. (VICE News, March 2018): Lyndsey Stuart is a history and leadership teacher at Bartlesville High School in Oklahoma. She’s been teaching for 10 years. And she’s never had a raise. “I don’t think any teacher goes into the profession and thinks, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to be a millionaire,’’’ Stuart said. “But we also don’t think that we’re going to be that close to poverty.” In March 2018, the state teachers’ union, the Oklahoma Education Association, called for teachers to walk out of their classrooms on April 2, the day after the state legislature is required to pass an education budget.
My role: Co-Writer/Co-Producer

The best opioid addiction treatment is more opioids (VICE News, September 2017): This video explores the power of opioid addiction at the molecular level — and why fixing the crisis means changing the way we think about treating it.
My role: Co-writer/Co-producer/Host