I’m Chelsey, a voice actor + journalist + social media strategist

If you’re looking for a one-woman band when it comes to content creation and strategy, I am that band. I’ve really done a little bit of everything.

The Journalist: Writing and Multimedia

I’ve written and produced articles, newsletters, audio and video about a little bit of everything. Topics include, for example, the labor movement, climate change, energy, the environment, consumer tech, health, medicine and social justice. I really enjoy explaining complex topics and policies using people’s stories as a vehicle to do so. I write with clarity, passion and sometimes even humor [Editor’s Note: Insert humor here]. My content has been seen by millions of people, which leads me to the next member of the band.


The Social Media Strategist

I’ve developed organic and paid social media strategies for several outlets. That includes my current employer, Spectrum, The Weather Channel’s Pattrn, VICE News, and The Weather Company’s Rockets Are Cool. (RIP Rockets Are Cool, killed by Facebook’s algorithm changes) Looking for someone who knows how to optimize content creation and strategy and make your content go viral? Look no further.


The Voice Over Artist

The final band member is the Voice Over Artist. I’m a voice actor with a melodic voice who sounds relatable, friendly and real. I have the Millennial/Gen-Z conversational voice over style mastered. In addition, I’m known for cold-reading scripts with no errors.

I’ve done voiceover for many of my full-time gigs (The Weather Channel, VICE News, Spectrum). But clients also include the Flash Forward podcast and Seton Hall’s Law School. Check out some of my work on Audible.


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