I’ve written newsletters, quick news hits and longer features at outlets like Spectrum, VICE News and The Atlantic, to name a few. Below, you’ll find some of my favorites.


Community Newsletter: COVID-19 and social isolation, camouflaging and first impressions, more on the controversial JADD study

In the August 15, 2021, Spectrum Community Newsletter, I took a look at studies on how COVID-19 and social isolation have affected autistic people, how camouflaging and age at diagnosis can shape first impressions, and reactions to Spectrum’s article on the controversial “cost of autism” paper.


Community Newsletter: COVID-19 and early-career researchers, Black in Neuro, talking ‘brain genes’

In this March 28, 2021, Community Newsletter, I highlighted social chatter about the pandemic’s effect on early-career researchers, #BlackInNeuro, one year on, and the controversy over ‘autism genes.’

VICE News ⎮ Labor Omnia Vincit: This week in labor news

On May 21, 2018, I took over the VICE News newsletter to break down everything that happened with unions and labor across the country that week.



VICE News ⎮ The dark side of Trump's moon landing is Mars gets ignored

In 2017, President Donald Trump signed Space Policy Directive 1, also known as SPD-1, directing NASA to send Americans back to the moon. Proponents of space travel to Mars worried the directive would doom Mars efforts.

VICE News ⎮ “Pink slime” lawsuit worth $5.7 billion could change journalism

In 2017, a multibillion-dollar court battle was raging in a small South Dakota town between a former heavyweight meat producer and one of TV’s Big Three networks. The sheer size of the case sent ripples through the media industry.

VICE News ⎮ Oklahoma teachers haven't had a raise in a decade and they're fed up

In 2018, teachers across the nation took notice after West Virginia’s strike prompted state legislators to increase pay for all state employees 5 percent. Oklahoma teachers, who made less than the teachers in every other state, geared up for a mass walkout April 2, the day after the state Legislature was mandated by law to pass an education budget.

Gizmodo ⎮ Black People in New York Suffer from Depression More Than Any Other Group in the City

While sitcoms are full of New Yorkers gabbing about therapy, the reality is that many people in the city suffer from mental health issues that go untreated. Health data gathered by city mental health workers shows that one group is overwhelmingly neglected: black New Yorkers.

The Atlantic ⎮ The Zika Virus's Family Tree

In February 2016, I wrote about what the Zika virus, which was spreading through the Americas, had in common with yellow fever, dengue, and other flaviviruses.

The News-Gazette ⎮ Slice of Life: A writer at work

In 2014, I wrote a literary feature piece on Amy Hassinger, the author of two novels, “Nina: Adolescence,” which was called “truly penetrating” by Salon.com, and “The Priest’s Madonna,” which Library Journal said was “marvelously written and researched.” 


VICE News ⎮ Regular weed smokers have 20 percent more sex, study says

If you’re a regular weed smoker, you might just be having more sex, according to a study published in 2017 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. In fact, the study found that daily marijuana users are having sex 20 percent more often than those who aren’t 420-friendly.

VICE News ⎮ What you need to know about teacher walkouts in Kentucky and Oklahoma

In April 2018, a teacher rebellion that began in West Virginia spread nationwide.

VICE News ⎮ Someone is releasing a gas that was banned for destroying the ozone

In 2018, there was something weird going on with the Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists found that a man-made gas banned long ago in a global agreement to save the ozone layer was mysteriously reappearing. But they weren’t sure where it was coming from.

VICE News ⎮ Trump isn’t alone. Americans love their gas-guzzling trucks again.

In 2017, Americans were opting for pickups and SUVs over cars at a record rate, as those larger vehicles comprised over 60 percent of the market for new vehicles in the U.S., according to Jessica Caldwell, the executive director of data strategy at Edmunds, an auto-market research and review site.

Motherboard ⎮ I Went to the Skittles Facebook Page to Complain, But Found Humanity Instead

In 2016, I bought Skittles for the first time in years. When I ate a green Skittle, I had expected the lime flavor of yore, but no, it was the horrifying taste of green apple.

When I went to the Skittles Facebook page to see if other people were making a ruckus about the abomination that is a green apple Skittle within a package labeled “Original,” I found something more: humanity.


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